Mystigrey Autumn .925 Sterling Silver Plated Rhodium Bangle for Women


FALL IN LOVE WITH AUTUMN. The Autumn Bangle features a leaf-shaped design at the end of a delicate open bangle. The bangle artfully depicts the beauty of the leaf and the carefully detailed craftsmanship of the item
.925 STERLING SILVER PLATED RHODIUM. All Mystigrey jewelry pieces are made from .925 sterling silver. .925 sterling silver means that the item is 92.5% silver (highest quality for silver jewelry). A rhodium plating is added to enhance the luster and durability of the jewelry, offering a beautifully shiny finish and greater protection for sensitive skin.
THE BEAUTY OF RHODIUM. Rhodium is a metal in the same elemental group as the noble platinum. Its exceptional heft and light-reflecting properties enhance the durability and finish of sterling silver, preventing tarnish and reducing the need for regular polishing.
SIZE. The bangle has an inner length of 2.2 inches (56 mm). The bangle is 6.2 inches (16 cm) and, as it is an open bangle, it fits perfectly on a 6 inches to 8 inches (16 cm to 20 cm) wrist.
SKIN-FRIENDLY JEWELRY Our jewelry is skin-friendly and appropriate for sensitive skin. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship of the pieces mean they will not corrode or irritate the skin, ensuring they can be worn on a day-to-day basis without issues.
AVAILABLE IN 2 METAL HUES. The bangle is available in .925 Sterling Silver Plated Rhodium, and in 18K Gold Plated.

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Weight 3.52 g
Dimensions 2.2 in
Jewelry Type



.925 Sterling Silver Rhodium

Sterling Shade




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